Mrs Pho – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #16

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I tried many Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore for the Vietnamese food series but Mrs. Pho made me excited. Very excited :)


MRS PHO – Feeds you like family

The owners (Hoang & Darien) promised a slice of Saigon when you walked into Mrs Pho and they were certainly not kidding.


Concrete wall with advertisements  – CHECKED


Low table and stools – CHECKED.

Just don’t get too comfortable and start dumping your trash on the floor :P


Messy hanging wires – CHECKED


 Can you tell what these lights were made of?


You wouldn’t believe it- they were made using the Vietnamese drip filter!  Really really innovative.

Hoang was very hands on with the “look and feel” of Mrs Pho. He is an architect by training and certainly has a flair for design.

Hoang- if you are reading this, can you please sell me one of those coffee drip filter lamps? :D


Authentic Vietnamese food – Double CHECKED.

I won’t talk more about their pho (Read – Top 5 awesome pho in Singapore) in this post. I spent some time with Hoang over a casual meal. The meal reminded me of my best times in Saigon – a simple home-cooked food in a Vietnamese household.


We started our chat with my favourite Vietnamese coffee and green Mango with chili & salt (Just the way it’s served as a snack in Saigon).

Hoang and Darien knew each other in Melbourne. They had this idea to open a restaurant in Singapore that sells authentic Vietnamese food when they saw a lack of casual restaurants that focus on REAL Vietnamese dishes.

Hoang mentioned several times that he’s a purist and customers can expect authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Mrs Pho- no fusion whatsoever.


The name Mrs Pho is conceptualized with a “family auntie” concept. There is always this auntie in your family that cooks the best food and feeds everyone. Interestingly, the head chef of Mrs Pho is indeed Hoang’s “family auntie”. :) She used to sell this kick-ass Vietnamese assam seafood noodles (Bun Nam) back in Saigon.


Viet Assam seafood noodles (Bun Mam) - This is a very interesting dish that I have not tried before. I liked the tangy assam soup and the fresh seafood. It makes a good alternative soup dish to pho and … can you miss the “family auntie’s' signature dish? :)


Stir fry beef noodle with lemongrass (Bun Bo Xao Xa) – The special dish that day was one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes. The beef  was a little tough but they made it up with some really good springy noodles imported from Vietnam.


Hanoi meat balls (Nem Nuong) and Chicken wings in fish sauce (Canh ga chien nuoc Mam)

The entrees in Mrs Pho were excellent.

Hanoi meat balls (Nem Nuong) – A recipe from Hoang’s mother. Very addictive, bouncy pork balls.

Chicken wings in fish sauce - The wings were twice marinated so they were really flavourful.

Fried pork spring roll (Cha gio) – I think I found the BEST cha gio  in Singapore (They were so good that we finished the spring rolls immediately and hence no photos. :( ). The skin was paper thin and the little bundle was tightly packed with pork, yam and mushroom. I was very intrigued by the kind of skin they used to wrap the spring rolls. Mrs Pho used a porous mung bean skin imported from Vietnam. It was so good that I bought a packet of the spring roll skin!  (Mrs Pho will sell merchandizes in the near future. Lucky me, I got it first :) )

Just when I thought I reached Vietnamese food heaven, Hoang brought me a last dish of the day.


Mrs Pho Yogurt (Da ua)

I love Vietnamese yogurt (Vinamilk yogurt – THUMBS UP). I always look forward to the little cup in my daily lunch set at my Saigon workplace  (Read- Ho Chi Minh City] Plant Canteen Food – Reasonably Tasty).

I was not able to find a similar tasting yogurt  in Singapore till now. I guess that makes it the ……. 102nd reason why I need to return to Mrs Pho. :)


I had a very enjoyable meal with Hoang at Mrs Pho. We talked about the design, the food and some of our favourite restaurants in Saigon.

At the end of our dinner, I asked Hoang to use one word to describe Mrs Pho.

Hoang – Pho-king good (It’s not one word but I pho-king love this guy’s humour)

And guess how I would describe Mrs Pho?

Pho-king good. Pho real.

Mrs Pho
Tel: +65 6292 0018
Add: 349 Beach Road Singapore 199570 (Shophouse opposite concourse)
Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm.
Spend: $15 dollars per pax

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Twice as Delicious is also the proud team behind Buttertrade
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