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I have been wanting to visit MoVida since the time I was in Sydney but opportunity did not arise. Now that I pass by MoVida in Melbourne almost on a daily basis (Melbourne is a relatively small city), I grabbed the opportunity and visited this two-hatted restaurant on my first week here.

Melbourne is famous for its streets full of graffiti. The lane that MoVida is located on (Hosier Lane) has an interesting mix of graffiti – very popular among the tourists.

P1070273Casual interior of the restaurant features tall tables and bar stools which are quite unforgiving to the not-so-tall folks

ANCHOA ($4.50 ea) - Hand-filleted Cantabrian Artisan Anchovy on 
Crouton with Smoked Tomato Sorbet. A MUST TRY! The contrast in temperature, texture, taste creates a burst of flavors…LOVE IT!

MEJILLONE EN ESCABACHE ($4 ea) - Pickled Spring Bay Mussel with Carrot and Onions

CROQUETAS DE CHOCO EN SU TINTA ($4.00 ea) - Squid Ink Croquette with Cuttlefish

FIDEOS ($25.50) - Spanish Seafood Pasta. My first attempt at pasta the spanish way – not bad at all! Full of the rich flavors from the fresh seafood…and I love those crispy bits at the bottom of the skillet.

Overall, I was very thrilled with my experience at MoVida. The food and service was outstanding I ended up ordering tapas after tapas – ended up losing count of the number of tapas I ordered….so when I received the bill, I was very surprised at how affordable the meal was! I am very tempted to return to MoVida but I am holding back as I want to reserve the calories for the many other great restaurants in Melb.
P.S: Bookings (by phone only) highly recommended. Otherwise, plan to pop by real early if you do not want to walk away disappointed.

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