Mark & Spencer’s Croissant – Singapore vs. London

I like the buttery croissants I had in London’s M&S.  I love butter (sorry heart, I will try to eat such sinful food moderately) - I remember an incident when I put a large slab of butter on a small piece of bread and my colleague asked me whether I was eating bread with butter OR butter with bread. :)

[LEFT] London’s M&S Bakery - Freshly baked trays of goodness.
[RIGHT] Singapore’s M&S Foodhall – I walked past them easily in the past. Pre-packed bread just don’t appeal that much.

Singapore M&S Croissant - I bought a packet of croissants in the Parkway Parade branch to see whether they are as good as the ones in London (and no, they do not sell the “Singapore Noodle”.)

Verdict – The answer is a comforting YES.  I will be back for my buttery croissants fix! :)

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