[Malmo] Johan P. – Fish(soup)! What a great find.

In my recent business trip to Denmark, I hopped over to Malmo where I took a walk down memory lane. It was the place I used to frequent as an exchange student – a charming little town that my friends and I used to visit for our fish soup fix and architectural feast.

During the recent short trip, I had 2 main objectives -
1. Put up at Malmo over the weekend as it is a much cheaper option VS Copenhagen
2. Revisit my favourite fish soup stall at the indoor market at Lilla Torg

Fulfilling objective #1 was easy, straighforward and very quickly met. When it came to #2, I spent an hour on a chilly Sunday morning locating the indoor market that I used to frequent…but to no avail (half of me suspect the market is no longer around). Eventually, I gave up as I had a train to catch. Feeling disappointed and alittle hungry, I decided to find some food at the train station —-

IMG_0365 - Copy
MALMO CENTRAL STATION – The station that I have set foot many times as a student. It feels so good to be there again, 5 years wiser.

IMG_0366 - Copy
Since my last visit to Malmo, the Central Station has undergone quite some change! The interior of the station now boasts a food hall with a good range of food from sushi and chinese to scandinavian cuisine.

IMG_0367 - Copy
JOHAN P. – My choice out of the many other selections. Johan P. is a fish restaurant famous for their fresh seafood - prepared the scandinavian way. Their main branch is located at Lilla Torg – one of the 3 lovely city squares in Malmo. The main branch is definitely the better option to go to (lovely ambience at Lilla Torg!) if I was not in a hurry to head back to Denmark.

IMG_0370 - Copy
BREAD BASKET - I enjoyed the crusted bread way more than the cracker-like bread that the swedes love. And oh yes, this metallic plate is typical ware that the scandinavians serve their bread on. In the backdrop, you will see the placemat with a quote in Swedish – loosely translated, it means: “Winners deserve Champagne and Losers need Champagne”…..well said indeed.

FISH (and seafood) SOUP – H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y

IMG_0372 - Copy
Filled with generous amounts of seafood, served piping hot. Although cream based, this soup is neither too creamy nor thick and is a pure delight. This soup is similar to what I was in search for earlier in the morning – except that this one is more refined, sophisticated and…expensive – it definitely satisfied my craving!

It is indeed a case of objectivce fulfilled despite things not turning out as planned.
Overall, I had a lovely (albeit short) trip in Malmo….remeniscing the past and chancing upon a great find :)

And to end off, here’s sharing my favorite Swedish chocolate bar of all time….

Although this is also sold at IKEA and Candy Empire in Singapore, munching on the ones I bought in Sweden feels (or even tastes) quite different!

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