[London] Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant – DUCK MY LIFE

Hello All, today I have a story to tell.

One fine day, a girl named P was in London and decided to check out this ‘famous duck place’ in Chinatown….

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Many of her friends have told her about this AWESOME duck and in response she would always ask if it is better than her favorite Imperial Treasure Peking Duck in Singapore and the answer would always be ‘YES! but it is different….!’. Because of such conversations, she has a deep impression that it was Peking Duck this restaurant is famous for – therefore, she boldly ordered half a peking duck within 1 minute from being seated at the restaurant…

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When the dish arrived, it looked yummy. But, as she took her virgin bite - it was concluded immediately that Imperial Treasure’s Peking Duck WINS. Nevertheless, she finished all half of a duck herself and left, feeling slightly disappointed.

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Later that day, P was chatting with K and shared about her slightly disappointing duck experience. To her horror, it was the WRONG DUCK that she ordered!!! P quickly recovered from the devastation and concluded that she will have to try the duck the next time given that she has a very packed culinary schedule this time round….


Later that evening, P was to meet her friend (H) who resides in London – they were to meet at Burgers and Lobsters @ SOHO. P was drooling her way to the meeting place until she saw the following….

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CLOSED on a public holiday?! Oh sadness.
H and P then decided to head to a Tapas place called Barrafina but it too, was closed. Hungry and slightly tired, they looked ahead and this appeared in front of their very eyes….

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Instantly, ONE word came to both their minds – DUCK.
P had earlier shared with H about her boo-boo at the duck restaurant earlier that day and H have expressed her utmost sympathy towards P’s predicament.
Before they know it, H & P found themselves gravitating towards the THE duck restaurant.

Once again, it took no more than a couple of minutes to be seated. H and P aligned on the OTHER dishes to order and H left the ordering to P as she needed the loo. P happily placed the orders, eager to finally get a taste of the REAL DUCK. When H came back from the loo, P double confirmed the orders with H just to be sure….and THIS WAS WHEN THE DRAMA BEGAN:

P had foolishly ordered the wrong duck AGAIN (no, not peking duck this time round but something called the aromatic crispy duck)!!! And the trouble was that 2-3 minutes had passed since the order was taken and the waitors obstinately REFUSED to amend their orders despite their pleas! In fact, they were really rude about it!
This was when H the Heroine saved the day – she simply would not barge and a war between H and the waitors broke out. Long story short, H enjoyed victory, but well….a war is never ever pleasant and there really is no real winner at the end of the day.

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When the RIGHT DUCK finally arrived, P was so full of emotions; she picked a piece of the duck and lowered it into her mouth – the result was a burst of flavors.
‘The most juicy and succulent duck in the world she exclaimed!’
And as H rightly puts it, ‘these ducks must have been on steriods!!’.

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And so, this is the story of how P got to taste THE DUCK.

MAJOR LEARNING: Remember to order ‘ROASTED DUCK’ and not any other (peking, aromatic etc) duck stated in the menu!
AFTER-THOUGHT: During lunch, 2 fellow-singaporeans were sitted next to me and they mentioned to the waitor they wanted ‘the famous duck’. In retrospect, I realised they ended up having the Peking Duck, too! It is indeed strange how the waitors do nothing to recommend their signature dish!

Address: Two locations – Bayswater and Chinatown. Please refer to their website.
Opening Hours: From 12 noon till past midnight.

2 Responses to [London] Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant – DUCK MY LIFE

  1. Cat says:

    I hate to break it to you girls, but the fantastic roast duck is at Goldmine in Bayswater/ Queensway (the original chef from Four Seasons left to set up Goldmine). Come back and try it! My dad said it beats the ones he’s had in HK and SG.

  2. P says:

    Hi Cat,

    Oh my, you just broke my heart! :p
    Thanks so much for the tip – I am going to send my friend, H, to go check it out and ‘report back’ :)


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