[LCB] Superior Cuisine Week 1 to 5

Exactly 1 school term ago, I embarked on my Superior Cuisine journey. Personally, I found Superior Class to be quite similar to Intermediate in terms of pace – however, there was clearly more emphasis on the plating and there is a slight shift to a more modern era in terms of dishes we prepared.

[LEFT] Duck Liver Parfait with Cumberland sauce, salad of curly endive and toasted brioche (by Me)
[RIGHT] Pan-Fried Fillet of Salmon with Potato Crust, Wilted Asian Greens and Wasabi Beurre Blanc (by Me)

[LEFT] Crépinettes with Warm Kipfler Potato Salad (by Me)
[RIGHT] Lime Tart with Roasted Pineapple (by Me)

Gruyere and Caramelised Onion Tartlet with Rocket and Red Wine Vinaigrette (by Me)

[LEFT] Seafood and Saffron Risotto (by Chef Josef) – One of the best dishes of all time. Seafood, saffron, shellfish butter….what more should I say!
[RIGHT] Roast Veal Fillet Wrapped in Spinach and Prosciutto with Sage and Tomato Jus and Soft Polenta (by Chef Josef)

[LEFT] Prawn Mousseline in Tomato Broth (by Chef Ross)
[RIGHT] Pan Roast Pheasant with Pancetta, Braised Red Cabbage and Spaetzle (by Chef Ross)

[LEFT] Pan-Fried Dory Fillets with Parsley and Fennel Coulis, Steamed Clams, Saffron Potatoes and Cauliflower Purée (by Me) – one of the more sophisticated dishes…love the colors involved in this dish.
[RIGHT] Double Chocolate Cake with Armagnac Creme Anglaise (by Chef Josef)

[LEFT] Game Consommé with Poached Breast of Pigeon and Solferino Garnish (by Chef Ross)
[RIGHT] Duck Confit with Beetroot and Apple Compote and Port Wine Duck Glaze (by Me) – Classic!

Berries in Orange Jelly (by Me) – My favorite dessert of all time! I very much enjoyed plating up this dessert but regretted not making a sauce which would have completed this dish, imho.

[LEFT] Coulibiac of Salmon (by Me) – my fish shaped coulibiac…totally unsophisticated but well, it’s cute :P
[RIGHT] A slice of my coulibiac presented in a more sophisticated manner with dill sauce and roe.

[LEFT] Civet of Hare (by Chef Ross) – A very labor intensive dish…imagine the amount of time and effort to clean out those rabbit ribs for the crown!
[RIGHT] Orange and Almond Cake with Orange Glaze and Citrus Sauce (by Me) – one of my least favorite cakes, ever. Well, it was made using Splenda (artificial sugar)….hence the reason.

[LEFT] Fillet Mignon with Red Wine Jus, Spinach Timbale, Potato Galette, Wild Mushrooms and Truffle Mayonnaise (by Me) – as much as I love anything truffle, the truffle mayo was simply out of place! The spinach timbale turned out to be one of our exam component in Superior Cuisine Practical Exam.
[RIGHT] Vanilla Panna Cotta with Berry Compote and Pistachio Biscotti (by Chef Josef) – This is the dessert chosen for our Practical Exam….an easy one I would say!

[LEFT] Veal Sweetbreads with Herb Salad and Caponata Dressing (by Chef Ross) – fancy meat is clearly not my cup of tea. But well, I will choose sweetbreads over brain, any day.
[RIGHT] Poussin with Herb Mousseline and Wilted Spinach (by Chef Ross)

And this marks the mid-term of my Superior Cuisine Class – highly enjoyable but also rather exhausting as I was balancing a 6-day school week together with Intermediate Pastry. Watch this space for more on Superior Cuisine, Intermediate Pastry as well as the all exciting Restaurant Services!

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  1. Renna Halim says:

    Hi, thanks again for posting your superior journey on your blog. It helped me a lots for the ideas.
    hehehehe I will stay tuned on your blog for week 6 lessons until final exam, cannot wait. lol* ^^
    By the way, how was your final exam in superior? do they just gave all ingredients without recipes? or just the same with intermediate and basic? Thanks and I hope you all the best.

    Best Regard,