It’s amazing how 5 years passed by so quickly. Updates became infrequent these days as our lives are consumed with incessant busyness. Gone were the days where we go for our secret Wednesdays (usually good value lunch sets in town) and they are now replaced with pre-scheduled monthly dinners. One thing however remains constant …..our love for food & travel!

Hereby sharing a few best from our recent Italy vacation and once again…. HBD, Twice.

EAT- Lob’s Fish Restaurant

The lobster pasta tasted especially good after a day of misadventure. Missed flight, taxi strike…….the fun stuff. :)

STAY- Le Clementine

Sylvia’s modern b&b might not be the fanciest accommodation but it feels just like home. I missed the hard work of climbing hundreds of stairs to get back from the town centre, the home-style breakfast spread and of course her interesting rules like no boiling of water after 8pm!


PLAY- Vespa


There is no better way to tour Italy than on a vintage bike.  Yes, we fell several times but the experience of cruising down the streets of Italy freely  is simply priceless.

Italy left some really good memories. We love this charming country……to the moon and back.

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