[Ho Chi Minh City] Banh Cuon – Delicious Rice Rolls

One of my favourite snacks in Saigon is Banh Cuon (Steamed rice rolls). It is a popular local breakfast item and is similar to Singapore’s Chee Cheong Fun.

Banh Cuon is typically served with bean sprouts and Vietnamese pork sausage (Cha Lua).

[Left - Banh Cuon] The rice flour skin is very thin (much more delicate than the typical Chee Cheong Fun’s skin) and smooth. The fillings consisted of minced pork , black fungus & shallots.

[Right - Cha Lua] The Vietnamese sausage is an interesting variation to the ones we are familiar with. Cha Lua is made of pork and starch – It has a unique taste and texture.  I can hardly taste the meat inside – most likely the starch content is very high. I will be happy just to have my Banh Cuon plain with the dipping sauce (I think it’s a combination of fish sauce, water, sugar & chili) .

Look at this plump morsel of rice roll bursting with ingredients. Simple but delicious – I can have this everyday.

A big thank you to my colleague who went to the best shop in town to buy this for me. Details of the shop in the above photo. Do try it – I’m sure you will return for more.

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  3. Lyra says:

    Ugh. It’s so far from my place! Hope to try that one of these days!

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