Happy to be Back!

Nope, I am definitely not thrilled to have been missing in action in the blogosphere *sheepish*.
But I sure am happy to be back!

Back in every sense –

1) I have moved home for good, finally! Parting was definitely not easy…but, how I missed my homeland so.
2) I vow to be more regular in my blogging habits – the start of this year has simply been too hectic and unsettling (having lived in 5 different cities ranging from 3 days to 4 weeks)
3) And now, potentially back to the corporate world – nothing firm but that’s the plan for now.

Too much has happened to cover in one single post. For now, allow me to just bask in HIS glory —

Received my parchment via courier service a couple of hours back – Psalms 65:11

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