Happy One, Twice!

So much has taken place within a span of 1 year –

1) quit her job and returned from Saigon
2) landed her dream job in another corporate giant (Here we go again)

1) quit her job and moved to Sydney
2) enrolled onto LCB to fulfill her culinary dreams

 One Year, 93 Posts, 40,000 Hits.

Much has changed but you, our reader, has remained consistently loyal – we THANK YOU for being part of our journey.

P.S: Watch this space as we unveil a brand new look soon!

3 Responses to Happy One, Twice!

  1. Bravo for daring to pursue your dreams! So very few Singaporeans have any guts to break convention nowadays.

  2. [...] I got interested in cake decorating after my weak attempt for Twice’s first anniversary cake - That was done in the icing room. I’m sure Twice will have a better decorated cake next [...]

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