Happy Belated

As I worked on this tart, I tried very hard to convince myself that Happy Belated is NOT an oxymoron. Well, not that tardiness is directly related to unhappiness – but it does come across quite negatively in most situations.


CHOCOLATE TART TOPPED WITH RASPBERRIES - Made from scratch, this is the result of mental construction during the day coupled with seamless execution in the evening (in between dinner and preparing for a very important meeting tmr. Top that with an urgent work issue-_-).

The reason for this tart is simple – it has been exactly 2 years (and 1 day) since the birth of Twice as Delicious (TAD). K and I have come a long way with this blog – we are glad this domain still belongs to us even though we may seem quite undeserving at times; times when we have simply lost sight of our priorities.

I am happy.
I was not thrilled to have forgotten this which holds dear to me and to K, but I am happy that the tart turned out and happy that I was able to muster enough to see this to completion – for I was told baking with a forlorn heart would not result to much.

And by now I am convinced that Happy Belated cannot be an oxymoron. The intention is genuine – it can only mean good.


P.S: K is away in Europe with little/no access to internet so I am missing the partner that would be ever ready to back me up otherwise.

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