Fond memories of Breakfasts in [Melbourne]

It’s been three months since my trip to Melbourne and just this morning I found myself missing the one thing that I neglect all too often – breakfast. Since it is not part of the plan to return there any time soon, all I can is to reminisce on my best breakfast experiences …


Chic decor of the bar counter that stretches the entire span of the restaurant

CUMULUS INC. Breakfast ($16) – Boiled egg, toast, preserves, yoghurt, organic orange juice & coffee/tea. Wholesome and healthy way to start the day – however, I usually go for something more adventurous like the following….

GRILLED LYONNAISE SAUSAGE, PARSLEY & SHALLOT SALAD & 65deg EGG ($16) – an OK dish. Personally, this one does not quite qualify as a hardcore brekkie dish…I don’t know why! Maybe it has gotta do with the salad (Salads and Breakfast…just doesn’t go, no?).

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Located at South Melbourne along a lane you will not miss. However, this cafe is not instantly recognizable given that the sign outside is inconspicuous!

I heart tall ceilings and random furnitures. I will happily come back here again for the whole ambience and decor alone :)

And, nope – my mother is NOT a Unicorn (…if my mother is a Unicorn, what would that make me?) :P

MY MEXICAN COUSIN ($15) – Secret recipe corn fritters, spinach, halloumi, Kasundi with Poached eggs. A hot favorite at St.Ali’s  but give it a miss if you do not like anything too greasy.

SCRAMBLED EGGS, CHORIZO, BACON – Very hearty and good-valued but otherwise unimpressive.

BAKED EGGS – quite a forgettable dish.

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One certainly cannot tell what lies beyond these grey bricks….

P1060975….Ta da! The interior is another one of those industrial facility-turned-cafe concept

_1060980  A prata-wrap with scrambled eggs and chilli jam…we adjusted down our expectations when the dish was placed in front of us. However, the combination of all the components on the dish worked together so well (including the bean sprouts which I totally would avoid for brekkie).

Ham & Cheese hot pressed sandwich – Another palette pleaser :)

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IMG_6586Casual chic interior with scandinavian furniture – definitely appeals to the crowd.

BAKED EGGS with CHORIZO – Good but nothing fantastic. Bread was a tad too tough for my pearlies.

IMG_6584SCRAMBLED EGGS – Quite good, according to my friend and thumbs up on the mode of presentation.

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After walking past this café upteen times (always closed as they open from morning till early afternoon only), I finally decided to pop by for brekkie one sunshiny morning. The benches along the pavement (above) are definitely not my choice of seating – too ‘public’, in my opinion :) But the locals seem to LOVE it!

Quite a homely interior – packed with people even on a weekday morning! Part of the reason for the popularity of this cafe could be because it is a social enterprise – the front of house and back of house crew are all volunteers! 100% of the profit goes towards 4 development projects in Australia and beyond. How cool is that!

AVOCADO, FRIED PARMA, EGGS – very very lovely combination.

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Located right at the Middle Park Tram station – this cafe also boasts great scenary of the F1 Grand Prix tracks on the other side (be sure to make those seats your first choice!)

BLT – wholesome and delicious, according to my friend

DUCK OMELETTE with MUSHROOMS & CARROTS – quite an asian dish in my opinion and nope, this dish did not impress. A little disappointed with my choice as they have such an extensive menu and so many other awesome-looking dishes I wanted to try!

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Nicely tugged at the end of the alley…

This establishment has another entrance which is more conspicuous.

ALMOND CROISSANT – this deliciously soaked pastry boasts a generous amount of frangipane. Am pretty sure I tasted some alcohol in the syrup they soaked the croissant in…yumms!

FRENCH TOAST – Tasted as great as it looks…definitely worth a try anytime of the day!

CROQUE MONSIEUR – Nothing compared to the ones back in Sydney

Besides serving some nice hot food, Chez Dré is more often than not known for their awesome and very high quality pastries. I tried the SALTED CARAMEL ECLAIR which turned out to be very delightful – the right amount of filling, punch and crunch :)

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And lastly….

not forgetting a very very lovely place – CIRCA THE PRINCE

This post sums up my lovely breakfast experiences in the short 1 month I spent in Melbourne. These were not all that I patronized – but definitely those that I would revisit. Having said that, there aren’t too many disappointments when it comes to food in Melbourne (a true culinary capital indeed!).

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