Exceptionally ______ 2013

2013 has been an exceptional year – in every sense.
For me, it was truly a year filled with exceptionally high and low moments.

Sharing only the GREATEST memories of 2013 —

AUS Open
[January] Watching Aussie Open LIVE in Melbourne – one of those bucket list items.

[January] Learning from some of the best chocolate masters while in Melbourne – what can I say except Awesome and Awesome.

[February] Experiencing Lunar New Year in Taichung with my folks

Hong Kong
[February] Celebrating my 28th Birthday at Bo Innovation with the parents

[March] Witnessing a beautiful sunset by the beaches of Adelaide with a very dear friend

[April] Awed by the beautiful city of Prague while on a work trip.

[May] First experience of Legoland as an ‘insider’.

[May] Putting up at a colleague’s home in Vejle, Denmark – LOVE her choice of wall decor.

Mousse CakeBlackforest 
[June] Baked for my loved ones for the first time since LCB.

Shanghai 1
[Nov] Fell in love with Shanghai while on a work trip and yearning to head back there ever since.

Overall, still a great great year with plenty of grace and blessing :)
Here’s wishing one and all a blessed 2014!

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