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As part of the Cook for Family Initiative campaigned by Daniel, both K & I had some quality time in the kitchen whipping up a storm (ok, almost) and just having some plain good fun with our respective families.

Here’s what me and my family dabbled at this evening -


Pork Bun
KONG BAK PAU (PORK BELLY BUN) – a joint effort between Mom and I. With Mom’s proven traditional recipe coupled with what I learnt from Momofuku…we “broke our personal best” (pardon my London Olympics mood) – a true example of how teamwork triumphs!

Now, this dish is definitely worth a pictorial summary how it came about -

Pork seared 
Seared pork belly ready to plunge into braising liquid to be braised for ~2 hours (I insisted on the oven while my mom insisted on the stove – she won. I still disagree :p)

Pork Cut
Photo taken after we braised, cooled, cling-wrapped, fridged and then de-fridged, sliced. By wrapping and fridg-ing, it helps the pork to retain a good shape for slicing.

 PauThese white little soft things….were unfortunately not home-made (we did not have the space and time to do it from scratch this time round). However, I am glad the quality of the paus we got here was pretty good – very soft and tender, I LIKE!

Pork Bun Plate
Pork Belly filled buns topped with spring onions. My parents like to top theirs with some fresh chilli while I like mine either plain or with a slight drizzle of garlic chilli sauce :)

This is my favorite picture of the lot because this photo speaks a story: My dad was getting very impatient with me trying to perfect my photography (I needed to get the right lighting/angle in order to bring out the best of the iPhone camera – am sure you know what I mean!!). He actually DID grab a pau before I could snap a picture…and of course I made him put it back onto the plate :P

PAN-FRIED DORY with CAULIFLOWER PURÉE, BROCOLLI and BURNT BUTTER (by Me) – a very simple yet awesome dish. From the pic, it is quite obvious I left out the burnt butter sauce (Buerre Noisette) as I was in such a hurry to serve up – now, I can almost feel my chefs shaking their heads in disdain *sheepish*. As a result, this dish is somewhat incomplete without a sauce to bind everything together – fortunately, the moisture in the cauliflower purée helped!


CREPE SUZETTE (by Me) – a very classic and simple french dessert. I added my own twist by topping it with some sweet potato chips to add some crunch in the texture (Crepe Suz purists are going to shake their heads at this…so I better rename this as Crepe Suzette de P).

Overall - My family & I spent a great Sunday evening preparing and eating this meal together – how priceless! It is something we haven’t done for a long long time given that I haven’t seen them for more than 6 months until a couple of weeks back :)

I strongly encourage you to do the same – date your family for an evening of kitchen fun…it will turn out way jollier than you think, trust me!

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  1. CY says:

    Hi, I was just looking for a place that sells these plain paus because my mom wanted to make kong bak pau herself.
    Would be thankful if you can let me know where you got yours.
    Thanks and best wishes in the year of Goat!!

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