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Happy Birthday, P!

Hitting the big 3 is a milestone after all or so “they” say. Have a blast!Read More

The Big W

We were a little quiet lately because we (P gave us a lot of help) were crazily busy preparing for my big W! The wedding went really well - T & I had a hell lot of fun on our big day. A big THANK YOU to our dear families and friends. T and I are really pleased with our wedding vendorsRead More

[Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014] Eating for fund

The Ultimate Hawker Fest marries the things that are so close to heart – food, hawker heritage and charity. For more information, visit the website. Although missing our biggest Hawker fan, K (who is happily honeymoon-ing in the land of Noma) – I am going to brave the crowd for the joy of being amongRead More

A Tribute to Eggs

As I laboured on some macaroons for mom’s 60th Birthday, I came to realise the importance of eggs. Eggs – they add flavours; they bind; they aerate; they beautify; they thicken; they are nutritious. Add Flavours: As much as they taste very good on its own, eggs add a special flavour to so many dishes.Read More

SG Blog Awards – Counting our Blessings!

Dear Readers, Once again, thank you all for the support all these while; special thanks to those who have gone out of the way by voting for us in our recent nomination in the SG Blog Awards 2014. Today, it is with great pleasure we share our small little good news with you – TADRead More

[The Entertainer App] Coq & Balls

Hello! 2 things that has been on my to-do list for quite a while now – 1) Check out a gastropub with a really catchy name of ‘Coq & Balls’ 2) Try out a new app called  ’The Entertainer’ First, the gastropub. Coq & Balls is located in Tiong Bahru which is by now saturatedRead More

[Seoul] Off the Beaten Track

Noryangjin Fish Market What can be a better immersive experience than spending a couple of hours in the largest fish market in Seoul? We toured the market (got used to rude stares), ruined our shoes, held a live octopus and picked fresh seafood for our lunch. [LEFT] We were awed by the fishmonger’s swift filleting of the fish weRead More

HBD, Twice!

Another year, another candle. We celebrated this milestone at Narisawa which turned out to be really apt for this special occasion. We couldn’t get a reservation via the online system and were rather disappointed. We started searching for another alternative but decided to make one last attempt by calling the restaurant directly – After some pleading (and more pleading), we gotRead More

SG Blog Awards – Vote for us Today.

Dear Readers, Thank you for the support all these while. Along the way, we hope we added a little bit of flavour to your life – one way or another Image from Sgblogawards ( It is with utmost joy (and surprise) to share that Twice As Delicious has been nominated for “Top 10 Cooking Blog”Read More

A Cool Way to Make a One-Slice Breakfast Sandwich

I found a really cool way to make a yummy breakfast sandwich using just one slice of bread – perfect for people who like less carbs and plenty of proteins! 12 easy steps to follow- It took me about 10 minutes to make this. Step 1- Prepare the ingredients. 1 slice of bread (thicker onesRead More