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Happy Belated

As I worked on this tart, I tried very hard to convince myself that Happy Belated is NOT an oxymoron. Well, not that tardiness is directly related to unhappiness – but it does come across quite negatively in most situations. CHOCOLATE TART TOPPED WITH RASPBERRIES - Made from scratch, this is the result of mental constructionRead More

Stuck in a Moment

Have you ever woke up to the realisation that you have forgotten an important event of your loved one? I finally did, this very morning. I have forgotten clean about our blog anniversary (Yesterday). Sorry, TAD Will make up for it soon…I promise.  Read More


  Happy Birthday, my dearest friend! Here’s some home-made tiramisu love from me. It’s gonna be a super fruitful and awesome year for you, I just know it. <3Read More

Happy to be Back!

Nope, I am definitely not thrilled to have been missing in action in the blogosphere *sheepish*. But I sure am happy to be back! Back in every sense – 1) I have moved home for good, finally! Parting was definitely not easy…but, how I missed my homeland so. 2) I vow to be more regularRead More

Happy Birthday, P!

Seeya back in Singapore real soon! Looking forward to bar cafe hopping together.Read More

In love with [Melbourne]

Long overdue, but finally a pictorial summary of my trip to Melbourne back in Nov 2012…. …every single one of these moments above played a part in THE DECISION I made. Second day in Melbourne now, and I am absolutely thrilled with this decision. Stay tuned for more!  Read More

My Little Blue Box

Image from Tiffany & Co The 6th Anniversary…… and I said “yes”. What a way to start 2013. Wheet! P – Time to start practicing for my wedding cake or maybe a  wedding croquembouche?!? Oh, by the way - I expect to see your man on my big day too.  P.S. Pardon us as we continue to workRead More

2012 Full Stop

[San Francisco] The steepest street [Los Angeles] Disneyland – Revisiting the happiest place on earth & [Arizona] The Grand Canyon   [Las Vegas] Last Friday night      [Sydney] Momofuku [Snowy Mountain] Good morning, world [Beijing] Starbucks in 前门大街 & [Shanghai] 弄堂 [Guangzhou] 荔枝湾 [Ho Chi Minh City] My everyday in Saigon [Hanoi] Limestone cavesRead More

Blessed 2013

SACHER TORTE – poor finishing (sorry, Chefs!) but definitely ready to bring along for the all eggciting NYE fireworks at the Harbor Bridge! Happy New Year in advance, folks! PS: Pardon us as we continue to work to improve on our new blog layoutRead More

A Brand New Look

Goodbye, old layout…you will be fondly remembered. Here you go! We are finally launching our NEW look. It took a little longer than we would like – simply because the designer is in Singapore,  P is in Sydney & K is always travelling. But, it’s okay…we got there eventually! Hope you like our new look - comments & feedback are very welcome. MerryRead More