Betel Box Joo Chiat/Katong Food Walk – A Tour Guide with a Heart

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Dear Tony, our tour guide – thank you.

This is one food tour that I’m really keen to join and the perfect opportunity came when a friend visited Singapore recently. We signed up for a long night of eating & eating walking with 2 other friends.

The food tour was eventually cancelled and I would like to tell the story here.

We were told to gather in Betel box at 6.15pm and the tour would start at 6.30pm. We made plans to take a cab but unfortunately, that was the grand prix weekend and we were not able to get one despite calling/texting/app-ing with several phones for over 30 minutes.

We called Betel Box to inform them that we would be late for the tour. After a series of drama (i.e. trying to hitch a ride from a stranger), we managed to get a cab and reached the meeting place slightly before 6.50pm.

We ran to the meeting place……. to find out that the food tour was cancelled because the other 3 participants were really angry that we were late. :(

Tony was unable to proceed with the food tour because there was a minimum number of participants needed to start the tour. He had to do a refund and also deal with the unhappy participants who left 2 minutes before we arrived.

We were not expecting to be treated very nicely after what happened. However, Tony explained the situation to us kindly and volunteered to give us some recommendations about the surrounding food places so that we can still go for dinner ourselves. He even walked us to the first place he recommended and helped us made some special arrangements!

Tony is definitely a tour guide with a heart. He talked passionately about food and made the effort to ensure that we were well settled before leaving us. The recommendations he made were excellent – My personal favourite that night was the putu piring (similar to kueh tutu) in Mr. Teh Tarik, 970 Geylang Road. It was so good that I bought another packet home for my dad!

Below are a couple of shots from that night where we ate, laughed and had tons of fun. :)

Photos by A. Kayanuma


kueh tutu




Betel Box Tours: The Real Singapore Tours
Add: 200 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427471
Tel: : +65 6247 7340

Putu Piring
Add: 970 Geylang Road. Inside Mr. Teh Tarik

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