Bar Stories – Personalized Cocktails

This is one bar that is probably reviewed to death in the blogosphere and does not require more introductions.

Bar stories is all about personalized drinks & interactions. The best seats are definitely at the bar counter where you get to see the melodramatic actions from the over friendly bartenders. :P

[LEFT] Passion Fruit Tiki – A pretty potent cocktail which can doubled up as a birthday cocktail with a “candle” (lit with liquor in a passion fruit half) floating on the surface.
[RIGHT] Peanut Butter – A great replacement for a real dessert. It tasted like a PB cupcake – Amazing!

Overall – Bar Stories is certainly worth a visit. First timers typically left the bar extremely impressed but after a few visits, it can become rather gimmicky.

Bar Stories
Tel: +65 6298 0838
Opening Hours: Please call
Add: 55-57 Haji Lane, 2nd Floor
Spent: SGD 26 per drink

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