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Mrs Pho – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #16

I tried many Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore for the Vietnamese food series but Mrs. Pho made me excited. Very excited MRS PHO – Feeds you like family The owners (Hoang & Darien) promised a slice of Saigon when you walked into Mrs Pho and they were certainly not kidding.   Concrete wall with advertisements  – CHECKED LowRead More

Skirt – 3 Heartfelt Notes to the Boldest Grill in Town

We made an impromptu decision to head to Skirt on a weekday night in office. We were rather early and we noticed the 3 other seated tables; First table was at a corner – A woman in her late 20s, waiting for a few others to join. Second was dead centre – Three men, one seems particular important, all eyes wereRead More

Aoki – Beef Bowl Addiction

  Beef Donburi I am completely addicted to the beef bowl in Aoki. Just imagine melt-in-the-mouth beef slices (Medium doneness for me) over warm Japanese rice topped with a wobbling soft-boiled egg and negi. YUMS. The happiness bowl comes in 3 sizes – 50g, 70g & 100g of beef. Take my advice and just go for the largestRead More

A Cool Way to Make a One-Slice Breakfast Sandwich

I found a really cool way to make a yummy breakfast sandwich using just one slice of bread – perfect for people who like less carbs and plenty of proteins! 12 easy steps to follow- It took me about 10 minutes to make this. Step 1- Prepare the ingredients. 1 slice of bread (thicker onesRead More

The Top 5 Awesome Pho in Singapore

Pho is one of the healthiest and tastiest noodle dishes! However…  we feel that this noodle doesn’t get the credit that it should, on the other hand, no noodles want to be just a fad and die off… so our intention is to gradually make this underrated dish into a PHOnomenon in Singapore and it’s going to start with you!Read More

Muah Chee 101 – Boil, Microwave, Pan-fry & Steam

Muah Chee (From top left, clockwise] – Using the steam, pan-fry, boil & microwave cooking methods. We wrote on how to make muah chee in 10 minutes using the microwave previously and we received quite a few questions from readers asking whether it’s possible to make muah chee using other cooking methods. We tried various cooking methods (i.e. steam, pan-fry &Read More

Luncheon Meat Riceball (Spam Omusubi) in 10 minutes for Busy People

Have you heard of Spam omusubi (aka Luncheon meat riceball)? Apparently EVERYONE in Hawaii loves it! It’s a fusion dish of Japanese (obviously the rice…) and American (Spam). My Japanese colleague (Kaya) luckily knew how to make it! I told her my two requirements: Convenience – it has to be made in our office pantry, and REALLY quickRead More

Fanny Ice Cream – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #15

I was really surprised to spot a Fanny ice cream parlour along East Coast Road (2 shops away from Saigon Sandwich)! Fanny is probably one of the most successful ice cream chains in Vietnam – It’s almost everywhere in D1! I read that the Singapore branch is Fanny ice cream’s first one outside Vietnam and there are big plansRead More

Introducing BT!

Exciting times ahead. Wish us luck!Read More

Wrap & Roll – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #13 (Includes: Exclusive interview)

Wrap & Roll (W&R) at the Star Vista I was elated to know that W&R is now in Singapore. That was my go-to place in HCMC when I need a quick snack. We tried several appetisers and rolls from the branch in Star Vista which were all competently done. However, the one dish that stoodRead More