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Wrap & Roll – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #13 (Includes: Exclusive interview)

Wrap & Roll (W&R) at the Star Vista I was elated to know that W&R is now in Singapore. That was my go-to place in HCMC when I need a quick snack. We tried several appetisers and rolls from the branch in Star Vista which were all competently done. However, the one dish that stoodRead More


Happy Birthday, my dear friend!Read More

2013 – Fabulous 30

2013 is a good year. I spent my 29 travelling and my 30 doing (mostly) sensible stuff. I got engaged and had my first taste of LDR. I finally got my driving licence (yes, 12 years later than most people). I attended Le Cordon Bleu. I can swim now. I attended T’s graduation (again). I am happy with whereRead More

Viet Lang – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #12

Viet Lang is located in the beautiful arts house (the old parliament). LEMONGRASS WHISKY – This combination is a killer, it was so good that I had two. PRAWN SALAD – Very refreshing but unfortunately, the prawns were overcooked. BANH XEO (Vietnamese Crepe) – Viet Lang’s version was small and compact. The crepe was too thick and thus, turned soggy quickly. A ratherRead More

L’atelier de Joel Robuchon – Wednesday ladies night vs. Sunday Lunch

It’s not that difficult to tell that we are fans of the Joel Robuchon restaurants. Read [Singapore] L’atelier Or Joel Robuchon – One of Those Tough Choices In Life? Read [Las Vegas] L’atelier de Joel Robuchon – A Pictorial Read [London] Raining Celebrity Chefs I have to share these 2 great menus offered by L’atelier. I tried themRead More

[Ho Chi Minh City] Randomness & Fab Restaurants

This is another overdue post but I will like to give a shout-out to a couple of fab restaurants I visited in my last Saigon trip. Kita Coffee This charming café is located at the far end of Nguyen Hue Street. The café was great for sandwiches, pasta and people watching of the bustling streets in D1. Add: 41 Nguyen Hue St,Read More

Betel Box Joo Chiat/Katong Food Walk – A Tour Guide with a Heart

Image from Betel Box’s website Dear Tony, our tour guide – thank you. This is one food tour that I’m really keen to join and the perfect opportunity came when a friend visited Singapore recently. We signed up for a long night of eating & eating walking with 2 other friends. The food tour was eventually cancelled and I would like to tellRead More

Annam Vietnamese Cuisine – Goodbye

Image from Annam The top tier Vietnamese restaurant said goodbye before TAD can review it. This is the same fate for Caphe East – one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore. :( I read somewhere that Linda and her family decided to end the business due to some family reasons. On a brighter note, thereRead More

Homemade Muah Chee in 10 minutes

Please vote for us in the 2014 Singapore Blog Awards- Top 10 cooking blog.Click here to vote. Read SG Blog Awards – Vote for us Today. [UPDATE] Read ALL METHODS to make muah chee Muah Chee 101 – Boil, Microwave, Pan-fry & Steam  My dad loves muah chee (glutinous rice balls coated with peanut and sugar).  IRead More

Nam Nam Noodle Bar – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #11

   THE Vietnamese restaurant in town with the longest queues. I later realized that the queues could be due to its popularity and ….. an inefficient process. You need to stand in one queue to get a table then go to another queue to order and pay. The Wheelock branch was fully packed before noon. The banh miRead More