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[Recipe] Laksa Bread Cups – Powered by Panasonic SD–P104 Bread Maker

This is the first out of three posts sponsored by Panasonic; we will be sharing our very own creations in these posts. As an expression of love and gratitude towards our loved ones, we also attempted to serve these 3 dishes as a 3-course meal to our families. Here’s for Starters – Laksa Bread Cups. Bread-making hasRead More

Mrs Pho – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #16

Twice as Delicious is also the proud team behind Buttertrade We make it easy for everyone to get GOOD CAKES I tried many Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore for the Vietnamese food series but Mrs. Pho made me excited. Very excited MRS PHO – Feeds you like family The owners (Hoang & Darien) promised a sliceRead More

[Denmark] Ti Trin Ned – An Intimate Affair

It is the time of the year again to head back to the mother ship. This time round, instead of opting to fly into Billund through a connecting flight, I opted to disembark at Copenhagen and drove my way west to Jutland (since cost wise it works out to be the same). It was slightlyRead More

[London] Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant – DUCK MY LIFE

Hello All, today I have a story to tell. One fine day, a girl named P was in London and decided to check out this ‘famous duck place’ in Chinatown…. Many of her friends have told her about this AWESOME duck and in response she would always ask if it is better than her favorite Imperial TreasureRead More


  ‘You just need a few…’ (Anon, on friendship) Thanks for being my few Happy Birthday.    Read More

Introducing BT!

Exciting times ahead. Wish us luck!Read More


Happy Birthday, my dear friend!Read More

Exceptionally ______ 2013

2013 has been an exceptional year – in every sense. For me, it was truly a year filled with exceptionally high and low moments. Sharing only the GREATEST memories of 2013 — [January] Watching Aussie Open LIVE in Melbourne – one of those bucket list items. [January] Learning from some of the best chocolate mastersRead More

2013 – Fabulous 30

2013 is a good year. I spent my 29 travelling and my 30 doing (mostly) sensible stuff. I got engaged and had my first taste of LDR. I finally got my driving licence (yes, 12 years later than most people). I attended Le Cordon Bleu. I can swim now. I attended T’s graduation (again). I am happy with whereRead More

[Ho Chi Minh City] Randomness & Fab Restaurants

This is another overdue post but I will like to give a shout-out to a couple of fab restaurants I visited in my last Saigon trip. Kita Coffee This charming café is located at the far end of Nguyen Hue Street. The café was great for sandwiches, pasta and people watching of the bustling streets in D1. Add: 41 Nguyen Hue St,Read More