2 Girls

who found friendship while working in one of Fortune’s Most Admired Companies. They spent the first few years out of college scrambling in the rat race – trying to fight for the biggest slice of cheese. A few years (and several wake-up calls) later, they realised that running the corporate treadmill is not all that they wanted.

The 2 girls then decided to channel some of their energy to a common passion – FOOD. In fact, one of them have since quit her job and started pursuing this passion full-time at Le Cordon Bleu! The other girl will remain in the race – be contented with a smaller slice of cheese - and start pursuing her interests outside of work. one of them have since finished pursuing an Advance Diplome at Le Cordon Bleu. Currently, both girls are happy employees in the corporate world. The difference is they now have a better understanding of work-life balance and how to achieve that - pursuing interests outside work is definitely an important part of their lives right now :)

The 2 girls would like to capture their food related experiences here in this blog so they could re-live those moments decades down the road. At the same time, they wish to share these adventures with like-minded people by providing their 2 cents’ worth. Hopefully, the 2 girls will be able to pursue their passion in food for a living someday and…fall in love over and over with what they do each day…