A Tribute to Eggs

As I laboured on some macaroons for mom’s 60th Birthday, I came to realise the importance of eggs.


Eggs – they add flavours; they bind; they aerate; they beautify; they thicken; they are nutritious.

Add Flavours: As much as they taste very good on its own, eggs add a special flavour to so many dishes. Think Hokkien Mee and Oyaka Don.
Bind: Eggs are great at binding ingredients together. I recall how my mom would add an egg into the minced meat mixture she uses for our homemade wantons.
Aerate: Egg whites have a great tenacity of trapping air. Think meringue and the reliance of so many desserts on this component.
Beautify: Egg washing your buns and other bake goods create aesthetic wonders.
Thicken: Egg yolk is a great thickening agent. Think Creme Anglaise.
Source of Nutrition: Eggs are a good source of protein. That’s why we were regularly fed with eggs in our growing years.

These, on top of the fact that it can be eaten in so many forms and is vital in some of the greatest dishes of all time.
If I ever have to write a thesis on food, the topic of choice would be an easy one.

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