A Cool Way to Make a One-Slice Breakfast Sandwich

Step by Step Sandwich - numbers
I found a really cool way to make a yummy breakfast sandwich using just one slice of bread – perfect for people who like less carbs and plenty of proteins!

12 easy steps to follow- It took me about 10 minutes to make this.

Step 1-
Prepare the ingredients.
1 slice of bread (thicker ones work better), ham, cheese and 1 egg.

Step 2-
Use a small knife to cut a 8*8cm square in the middle of the bread.

Step 3-
 Trim the cheese and ham to be 8*8cm (the same size as the bread square but do not waste the “extras”- just eat them immediately :) ).

Step 4
- Melt some butter in a hot non-stick pan.

Step 5-
Place the bread onto the pan.

Step 6
– Pour the egg into the bread “hole” for about 2 minutes – the egg will be half cooked and runny.

Step 7
– Put the slice of ham on top of the egg (It should fit well in the “hole”).

Step 8
- Put the slice of cheese on top of the ham.

Step 9
- Put the bread square on top of the cheese (It should all fit very well like a jigsaw puzzle).
TIP – Flatten the bread square with the side of a knife, it will help to “contain” all the ingredients better.

Step 10
– Flip the bread to the other side.

Step 11
– Slice the bread in half and plate it.

Step 12
– Enjoy!

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