Monthly Archives: December 2015

Hai Di Lao & Buttertrade Deliveries – The Perfect Combination for a Fuss-free Celebration!

Hai Di Lao delivery at our doorstep We love the Hai Di Lao hotpot experience (not the waiting time though) and were extremely excited when the restaurant started offering delivery services island-wide.  We found the perfect occasion (Christmas and 2 birthday celebrations) to order! All you need to do is to call Hai Di LaoRead More

Mac Donalds – Festive Menu

It’s been too long since I last wrote; wished I have a fancier excuse – but the real reason is that work’s been keeping me away Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of popping by Macs after work to check out their festive menu Here goes my thoughts —- Beef Clubhouse Burger: At firstRead More