Monthly Archives: August 2013

Annam Vietnamese Cuisine – Goodbye

Image from Annam The top tier Vietnamese restaurant said goodbye before TAD can review it. This is the same fate for Caphe East – one of my favourite Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore. :( I read somewhere that Linda and her family decided to end the business due to some family reasons. On a brighter note, thereRead More

Ember – The Revisit

Now that both K and I are based in Singapore and there is some sort of stability – we are back to our joint culinary adventures once again! The first establishment we visited was Ember (in June this year). I believe Ember has been over-blogged (if there is such a term) – however, I hadRead More

[Prague] An Unexpected Evening

As we usher in the long weekend, I got reminded of how much I am yearning to travel. Gone are the days that I made use of each and every public holiday/business trip/school holiday to travel. These days, I am grounded by my obligations – obligations that I am glad to have the opportunity toRead More

Happy Belated

As I worked on this tart, I tried very hard to convince myself that Happy Belated is NOT an oxymoron. Well, not that tardiness is directly related to unhappiness – but it does come across quite negatively in most situations. CHOCOLATE TART TOPPED WITH RASPBERRIES - Made from scratch, this is the result of mental constructionRead More

Stuck in a Moment

Have you ever woke up to the realisation that you have forgotten an important event of your loved one? I finally did, this very morning. I have forgotten clean about our blog anniversary (Yesterday). Sorry, TAD Will make up for it soon…I promise.  Read More