Monthly Archives: March 2013

[Sydney] Trio – The Breakfast Choice at Bondi

TRIO is a breakfast/brunch place inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Located along Bondi Beach, this place offers great views with food that goes along very well with it – MOCHA – One of the rare few places that uses chocolate callets…LOVE IT! BOSS EGGS ($22) – Scrambled eggs with feta and truffle oilRead More


  Happy Birthday, my dearest friend! Here’s some home-made tiramisu love from me. It’s gonna be a super fruitful and awesome year for you, I just know it. <3Read More

Happy to be Back!

Nope, I am definitely not thrilled to have been missing in action in the blogosphere *sheepish*. But I sure am happy to be back! Back in every sense – 1) I have moved home for good, finally! Parting was definitely not easy…but, how I missed my homeland so. 2) I vow to be more regularRead More

Bar Stories – Personalized Cocktails

This is one bar that is probably reviewed to death in the blogosphere and does not require more introductions. Bar stories is all about personalized drinks & interactions. The best seats are definitely at the bar counter where you get to see the melodramatic actions from the over friendly bartenders. [LEFT] Passion Fruit Tiki –Read More