Monthly Archives: January 2013

[Melbourne] MoVida

I have been wanting to visit MoVida since the time I was in Sydney but opportunity did not arise. Now that I pass by MoVida in Melbourne almost on a daily basis (Melbourne is a relatively small city), I grabbed the opportunity and visited this two-hatted restaurant on my first week here. Melbourne is famousRead More

[Melbourne] Stokehouse Café – Your Friendly Beach-side Café

A trip to Melbourne is incomplete without a visit to St Kilda beach – especially it being Summer right now. Before my first visit to Melbourne, my friend described St Kilda as the “East Coast Park” of Melbourne. In some ways, I see where she is coming from – it’s location (conveniently located near theRead More

[Melbourne] Circa The Prince – Modern Elegance

So, here I am – nicely settled in Melbourne. In case you are wondering…nope, I am not calling this home for good. I merely believe in “Carpe Diem” – because watching a tennis grand slam LIVE has always been one of those things on my bucket list…I decided to seize the opportunity since I amRead More

In love with [Melbourne]

Long overdue, but finally a pictorial summary of my trip to Melbourne back in Nov 2012…. …every single one of these moments above played a part in THE DECISION I made. Second day in Melbourne now, and I am absolutely thrilled with this decision. Stay tuned for more!  Read More

My Little Blue Box

Image from Tiffany & Co The 6th Anniversary…… and I said “yes”. What a way to start 2013. Wheet! P – Time to start practicing for my wedding cake or maybe a  wedding croquembouche?!? Oh, by the way - I expect to see your man on my big day too.  P.S. Pardon us as we continue to workRead More