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2012 Full Stop

[San Francisco] The steepest street [Los Angeles] Disneyland – Revisiting the happiest place on earth & [Arizona] The Grand Canyon   [Las Vegas] Last Friday night      [Sydney] Momofuku [Snowy Mountain] Good morning, world [Beijing] Starbucks in 前门大街 & [Shanghai] 弄堂 [Guangzhou] 荔枝湾 [Ho Chi Minh City] My everyday in Saigon [Hanoi] Limestone cavesRead More

Blessed 2013

SACHER TORTE – poor finishing (sorry, Chefs!) but definitely ready to bring along for the all eggciting NYE fireworks at the Harbor Bridge! Happy New Year in advance, folks! PS: Pardon us as we continue to work to improve on our new blog layoutRead More

A Brand New Look

Goodbye, old layout…you will be fondly remembered. Here you go! We are finally launching our NEW look. It took a little longer than we would like – simply because the designer is in Singapore,  P is in Sydney & K is always travelling. But, it’s okay…we got there eventually! Hope you like our new look - comments & feedback are very welcome. MerryRead More

Tis the Season to be Jolly

With the mention of Christmas, what comes to mind? To me, besides 2 Corinthians 9:15, Christmas is all about giving and being merry. My first christmas as a chef means people now have higher expectations of the food I prepare. Moreover, being here in Sydney means there’s a stronger house party culture VS back home.Read More

[Sydney] Rockpool Bar & Grill

Being one of the top on my wishlist for a place to intern at (back then), I made a reservation at Rockpool Bar & Grill when my folks were here on a visit back in July. The interior of the restaurant itself is quite impressive – high ceiling, large dinning floor area, very decent-sized openRead More

A Sneaky Post

Do you often find yourself being dissatisfied with the status quo? We do! And so….a blog revamp is what has been keeping K & I very busy of late. As a sneak peek, K & I tasked ourselves to come up with our very own interpretation of our new blog design. Ladies and Gentleman, presenting…. K’sRead More

[LCB] Superior Cuisine – Restaurant Classes

Time flies! It’s been 14 months since I left the corporate world and 11 months since my move to Sydney. Looking back, much has been achieved during this period and I am truly grateful for the opportunities that came along. Now, to finish off my blog series on Superior Cuisine….the all exciting Restaurant Classes! First,Read More

[LCB] Le Finale

On the 7th December of 2012, I sat for took my last exam in LCB. These all-too-familiar tables lined with neatly starched tableclothes, ready for our masterpieces to rest upon. Although it was my sixth time doing this, I still felt butterflies in my stomach as I marched down the corridor…into Kitchen 4. After 4.5 hours….voila! ThoseRead More

Snippets of [Shanghai]

佳家汤包 - 佳家 is a very popular choice for this local snack.  The shop was fully packed at 3pm and most of the XLBs were sold out already (including the salted egg & pork XLB that I wanted to try). We settled for the crab & pork XLB – They tasted awesome and pretty much on par with DTF. That’s a huge compliment coming from the #1Read More