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[Sydney] Reuben Hills – Brb

At long last, I visited this not-so-new-anymore café in Surry Hills a couple of sundays back. Reuben Hills was opened earlier this year and has since received much attention for it’s self sourced and roasted coffee as well as finger-licking good food. Unpretentious shop front with bench – great way to bask in the sunlightRead More

[Sydney] Il Bolognese – The Reason behind my Midnight Cravings

This is one pizza I find myself craving for at the wake of dawn, sometimes in the middle of the night and especially at the end of a tiring day in the kitchen. I can eat this for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner….any day of the year, I swear. BELLA’S SPECIAL ($20-$30 depending on size)Read More

Mark & Spencer’s Croissant – Singapore vs. London

I like the buttery croissants I had in London’s M&S.  I love butter (sorry heart, I will try to eat such sinful food moderately) - I remember an incident when I put a large slab of butter on a small piece of bread and my colleague asked me whether I was eating bread with butter OR butterRead More

Plan B

Here I am, back in school. Yes, this wasn’t the initial plan…but such is life – it doesn’t always turn out the way you suppose it would be. One week into my job in Restaurant F (an up and coming one-hatted restaurant), I threw in the towel. Reasons aplenty — 1) Working hours – 15Read More

[LCB] Superior Cuisine Week 1 to 5

Exactly 1 school term ago, I embarked on my Superior Cuisine journey. Personally, I found Superior Class to be quite similar to Intermediate in terms of pace – however, there was clearly more emphasis on the plating and there is a slight shift to a more modern era in terms of dishes we prepared. [LEFT]Read More

2am Dessert Bar – A True Inspiration

Image from 2am Dessert Bar  2am Dessert Bar is located at a corner of Holland Village.  It is certainly not the easiest place to find but not a major problem when we have our master direction navigator (i.e. P)  around. Kayambe H20 – 72% Michel Cluizel chocolate, Evian P - A dark chocolate mousse infused with Evian resulting in a hollow block with aRead More

[Hunter Valley] Enzo – Gravitation

This is one establishment I find myself going to every time I drive down to Hunter V (Total Count YTD: 3). Located  in a tuscan inspired village (complete with sandstone buildings and all), this nice cafe restaurant is located in the heart of hunter valley wine region. Al Fresco dinning at the front of theRead More

[Sydney] Kitchen by Mike – Served in a Warehouse

Situated in a lovely furniture warehouse at Rosebery, my second attempt at visiting this café was a  fruitful one (first attempt was the day K arrived in Sydney in July – I picked her up, headed to Kitchen by Mike, put her off with the long queue and made it up by bring her straightRead More

[London] M&S Simple Food – Singapore Noodles

Marks and Spencer (M&S) Simple Food is a convenient option for a pre-packed meal in London. I tried a few boxes of these quick meals throughout my stay and all of them tasted more than decent. My favourite is the Singapore noodles – No surprises here. Singapore Noodles The description on the box -  Fine rice noodle with tenderRead More

[London] Raining Celebrity Chefs

Celebrity chef restaurants are everywhere in London. I tried a couple of them during my stay. The title of the post coincides with the current weather in London - Cold & wet but I’m certainly not complaining. Bread Street Kitchen by Gordon Ramsay [LEFT] Bread Street Kitchen – Located in Bread Street. Just a stone throw away from the office. Read More