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Dean & Deluca – Bye

I am very disappointed with my ”attempted” visit to Dean last weekend. HORROR 1- A VERY dead line I tried calling Dean & Deluca for more than 10 times over 3 different days to make reservations but no one picks up the phone. Can someone tell me what is the number in the website for? Despite the badRead More

[LCB] With a Song in My Heart

More often than not, I find myself finishing cuisine classes on an emotional high – unexplainable, indescribable…but certainly very real. And today, I finally came to the realization that the main difference between kitchen life VS corporate life (for me) is: the highs are much higher and lows are much lower for the former –Read More

Tipping Point

I’ve always known that being a chef is no easy pea – even if I didn’t, I have so many loved-ones who cared to tell me so. Long hours of standing in a hot, humid, greasy, male-dominated & harsh environment – all these are things which I didn’t mind. But, what I wasn’t quite ready forRead More

[LCB] Intermediate Cuisine Week 6,7,8 & 9

Hi everyone, in case you are wondering….I’m still alive Recent lack of updates attributed to… 1) Cuisine and Pastry Exams 2) Hillsong Conference 3) K’s fun-filled visit here in Sydney 4) Start of the busiest school term ever 5) Parent’s grand arrival (whee!) 6) Multiple kitchen accidents 7) Fallen sick …all packed in a spanRead More

Wild Honey – A Love-Hate Relationship

I have a love-hate relationship with Wild Honey. HATES– 1. “No reservations” policy and long queues 2. Order & pay over the counter when paying premium price tags 3. Notorious bad service – You will never get the side of milk you need for your earl grey tea LOVES– 1. Good food 2. Good food 3. Good food I’mRead More

#CookForFamily – P

As part of the Cook for Family Initiative campaigned by Daniel, both K & I had some quality time in the kitchen whipping up a storm (ok, almost) and just having some plain good fun with our respective families. Here’s what me and my family dabbled at this evening – ENTRÉE KONG BAK PAU (PORKRead More

#CookForFamily – K

ENTRÉE GOI CUON (Fresh Spring Rolls with Shrimps, Pork & Rice Noodle) -  I learnt how to make this popular Vietnamese appetiser in Saigon cooking class. My family is very fond of this healthy snack so it’s an obvious choice for the #CookForFamily menu. [TOP LEFT] Pan-sear the pepper and salt marinated pork and cut it into thin slices [TOP RIGHT] Boil theRead More

Happy One, Twice!

So much has taken place within a span of 1 year – K… 1) quit her job and returned from Saigon 2) landed her dream job in another corporate giant (Here we go again) P… 1) quit her job and moved to Sydney 2) enrolled onto LCB to fulfill her culinary dreams  One Year, 93 Posts, 40,000 Hits.Read More

[Sydney] When K meets P

OFF TO SYDNEY Truckload of Singapore delights arrived in Sydney - P & K love their hokkien mee! WINE & DINE [FROM TOP LEFT, CLOCKWISE] Momofuku Seiobo – Sydney, Enzo – Hunter Valley, Milk + Honey – Canberra & Alpine Larder - Snowy Mountain. P & K had tons of great food during their trip BUT… Nothing beats just having gourmet foodRead More