Monthly Archives: June 2012

[Ho Chi Minh City] Banh Khot – Savory Coconut Rice Cakes

Banh khot is a delicious street food in Vietnam. It’s like a mini size savory pancake with pork or shrimp toppings . The main ingredients in the “cake” are rice flour, coconut milk & mung beans. The best banh khot I had in Saigon was at this street vendor based at the corner of Tue Tinh Street and Cong ChuaRead More

[Ho Chi Minh City] Up Cafe – Up Up and Away

An Up House Replica by National Geographic – Image from its website I love the movie Up. It’s my all-time favourite Disney movie. The movie was so touching and deep that I sometimes wonder whether the targeted audience (i.e. children) understand the meaning of the show. I was really intrigued to check out the Up Café in SaigonRead More

[Ho Chi Minh City] L’usine – P.S. I Love You Too

I read about L’usine in many magazines and I regreted that I did not try this “PS. café” alike until my most recent trip there. I can imagine that this would be my every Sunday hangout if I were still staying in HCMC.  The pretty cafe is located conveniently in Dong Khoi but you need to pass by the dodgyRead More

[LCB] Intermediate Cuisine Week 3,4 & 5

Oh boy! Balancing both the cuisine and pastry stream has certainly kept me very busy. Obviously lagging behind on my updates (it’s now week 9), here’s what we lovingly prepared in a short 3 weeks – [LEFT] Puree of pea soup Saint-Germain with Croutons (by Chef Andreas) – simple, healthy and delicious if you canRead More

The difference between white and blue

As some of you may know – I made a drastic switch in profession earlier this year. Giving up my job in my dream company working with some of the the most amazing people wasn’t easy; entering the commercial kitchen with zero experience and less physical fitness than my younger peers wasn’t easy either. Nevertheless,Read More