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[LCB] Basic Pastry Week 3 & 4 – A Pictorial

In the past fortnight, we tackled 2 big rocks – choux and puff pastry. To me, choux is much easier than puff pastry (Puff pastry is so time consuming considering the >700 layers of lamination we need to create!). However, chef mentioned that choux pastry is almost impossible to produce with our normal home ovensRead More

[LCB] Intermediate Cuisine Week 1 & 2 – Barely Surviving

As the title suggests – week 1 & 2 of intermediate cuisine was definitely not a breeze. The lessons were designed such that it really stretches us in order to prepare us for what is ahead in Superior – Restaurant Class (during which we ‘run’ our own little restaurant that is opened to public). AlthoughRead More

[LCB] Basic Pastry Week 1 & 2 – A Pictorial

This marks the beginning of a series of beautiful creations. Pastry – as I have learnt – is quite the complete opposite of cuisine….it’s all about patience and precision – what a welcomed change from the hustle and bustle in the cuisine world!Read More

Vietnamese Cafes – Authentic Vietnamese Food in Singapore #7, #8 & #9

Twice as Delicious is also the proud team behind Buttertrade We make it easy for everyone to get GOOD CAKES Update on Oct 15- Trung Nguyen Coffee at Liang Court and G7 Express Café are now closed. You can still visit Trung Nguyen @ Marina Bay Sands (Bay Level The Shoppes at Marina BayRead More

[LCB] p = mV

Getting back into the routine of school has proven harder than I imagined. Since the term commenced 2 weeks back, I have been struggling to get back the momentum…and as I sit down to figure out what went wrong, all I can think of is p=mV I figure I probably played too hard and becameRead More

[Malacca] Ole Sayang – Survival 101 Guide

Ole Sayang is one of the most established nyonya restaurants in Malacca. It is our “must-go” eatery whenever we visit the Malaysian state. However, the restaurant is always grossly overcrowded during meal hours and the service is really poor. After countless times to Ole Sayang - we finally found out how to have a peaceful meal there which i will share below. FirstRead More

[Sydney] Circa Espresso

During my friend X’s recent visit to Sydney, we decided to check out one of the breakfast place that I have been wanting to try for awhile now – having read/heard raving reviews on it. Located in Paramatta and surrounded by skyscrappers (Parramatta is a satellite CBD area in Syd), this quirky corner cafe isRead More

Eggs & Berries – Quantity vs. Quality 1-0

Eggs & Berries is Food Junction’s latest F&B venture. I guess they caught up with the current ”All day breakfast” craze in Singapore! Bright, chirpy decorations – Very apt for a “breakfast place”. The restaurant was fairly crowded around 2pm. Menu and Alcohol List – Offers a wide variety of Western food & drinks. There’s something available for everyone. [LEFT]Read More