Monthly Archives: February 2012

[Ho Chi Minh City] Starbucks is going to Saigon!

My favourite coffee is going to my favourite country! READ:   Please open a branch near Intercontinental Asiana Saigon so that we don’t have to go to the Coffee bean in Kumho anymore! Read [Ho Chi Minh City] Up Cafe – Up Up and Away Read [Ho Chi Minh City] L’usine – P.S. I Love You Too ReadRead More

[LCB] Basic Cuisine Week 3 & Week 4 – Trusting my Instincts

One of the main difference between Cuisine and Pastry: the former relies alot on adjusting-along-the-way and following your instincts whereas the latter requires absolute precision at every stage (one wrong move and it’s GG). I always thought I am better off being precise – being an engineer by training and all; However, a few incidentsRead More

Treats from Japan #3

Meiji Rich Strawberry Bar Another seasonal offering from Meiji. The mini bars of strawberry chocolate tasted very fruity - apparently the product contained 70% of real strawberries. AMAZING. Tokyo Banana Gaufrette Okay, I found my new favourite Tokyo Banana product (Sorry Tokyo banana cake)! This underrated product tasted so good. The waffles were crispy and the fillingsRead More

[Sydney] Capital Grill – Capital G…for Good!

The past month was potentially the month of my life that I ‘ate-in’ the most. Mainly due to a combination of having too much food at home (packed from school) + having no makan kaki (aka meal buddy). Last weekend, I finally had the chance to eat out as a dear friend was in SydneyRead More

Say Goodnight, Not Goodbye….Santi

A year back, I was deeply saddened by the shocking news of Santi Santamaria’s death. One year on, with my wonderful experience at Santi still fresh in mind, I am saddened to hear Santi will be closing its door at MBS as of 12 March 2012. READ: To me, Santi offers one of the bestRead More

Happy Birthday P!

K will bring you a good plate of nasi lemak in July!!!Read More

[LCB] Basic Cuisine Week 2 – Moving on to Meat!

After the first 5 lessons of chopping, turning, stock, doughs – we finally moved on to cooking something bloodi(-ly good)! “Braised Lamb Shanks with Red Wine Jus served with Risotto, French Beans & Turned Glazed Carrots” was the menu of the day – [LEFT] Chef Darren’s demo specimen [RIGHT] My creation – except for myRead More

[LCB] 3-day School Week – Am relaxing…not.

Since LCB only offers a 3-day week, there’s quite alot of free time at hand…here’s what I have been up to: 1) Cleaning Up – both literally and in a figurative sense. The process was unpleasant and even difficult…but it was necessary in order to achieve my desired results (and hopefully it lasts). 2) Creating -Read More

[LCB] Chopping Greens – No easy pea

Cutting vegetables is something that each and every home-cook think they would have mastered – including me. However, after today’s lesson….vegetable cutting takes on a whole new level! For lesson 1, we spent 2.5 hours on doing just one thing – cutting vegetables. It includes zesting, segment, julienne, brunoise, mirepoix…among others. Everything has to beRead More