2012 Full Stop

Steepest road in SF[San Francisco] The steepest street

[Los Angeles] Disneyland – Revisiting the happiest place on earth & [Arizona] The Grand Canyon

[Las Vegas] Last Friday night

 Sydney Momo 
[Sydney] Momofuku

P1060336[Snowy Mountain] Good morning, world

Qian men da jie Bei jingP1030965
[Beijing] Starbucks in 前门大街 & [Shanghai] 弄堂

Li Zhi wang GZ[Guangzhou] 荔枝湾

[Ho Chi Minh City] My everyday in Saigon

P1040245[Hanoi] Limestone caves

[London] St Paul’s Cathedral & the London cab

[Belgium] The Grand Place

[Singapore] Joel Robuchon L’atelier

Cheers to a great 2012 and let’s look foward to a FAB 2013.

Happy New Year folks!

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