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Singapore Makan Tour – Good Food, Good Fun for a Good Cause

As mentioned in an earlier post (Charity Kappou), K & I put up a program - “Singapore Makan Tour” for our department’s charity auction. In total, we raised $360 for charity! All the donors who bidded for our program are foreigners – 1 Indian, 2 Indonesians, 1 French, 1 Japanese, 1 Filippino. On the day of the tour, KRead More

Treats from Japan #1

P & I received a truckload of tidbits fresh from Japan recently – Thank you S! Tokyo Banana K:  This is a very popular snack typically sold only in Tokyo due to its short shelf life.  The sponge cake is very soft and the banana puree tasted exactly like fresh bananas!  A good parting giftRead More

Santi – A Legacy that Lives On

Santi Santamaria opened his first restaurant “Can Fabes” with his wife 30 years ago at his own house – serving simple homemade dishes. A self-taught chef, he developed his own cuisine style during his 30 years of experience. His Catalan cuisine is said to be both basic and sophisticated. Sadly, Santi Santamaria passed on after suffering a heart attack during a Marina BayRead More

Thai Table – Bring a Hearty Appetite

My foodie friends and I often crave for Thai food nowadays. Thus, we were very happy to see more casual Thai eateries sprouting across Singapore (Read: Porn’s, Flying Chillies, Thai Table). Thai Table is located in the same stretch of eateries with Tian Tian Chicken Rice  (Maxwell legend’s branch), Miss You Café , Momoya in Jalan PariRead More

Barcook Bakery – Old-School Goodness

While lunching at Hong Lim Complex one afternoon, I noticed a queue forming outside what seemed like a bakery from afar. Being the typical (curious) Singaporean – I found myself gravitating towards the store without giving a further thought… Turns out it is the famous Barcook Bakery! I have heard about this bakery but have never tastedRead More

Aoki – Third Time Lucky

I read many good things about Aoki  (especially the value-worth set lunches) and had wanted to visit this Les Amis Group managed Japanese restaurant for the longest time.  I was not able to get a seat twice but P & I got third time lucky when we successfully made a reservation for one of ourRead More

Wild Rocket – A True Taste Propeller

Chef Willin Low of Wild Rocket describes his cuisine as Modern Singaporean. Despite Wild Rocket being around for 6 years – I have yet to step into the doors of this establishment till now. On the other hand, K has been there a couple of times so we relied on some of her experiences andRead More

Katsuobushi (Bonito Flakes) – A Fond Childhood Memory

Do you know where bonito flakes came from? My first experience with what we affectionately called the “dancing fish flakes” was when takoyaki was introduced in Singapore during my Secondary days. My friends and I will queue up faithfully for the $2 bacon & cheese takoyaki with “fish flakes” toppings and mayonnaise in Takashimaya foodcourt  -Read More

Secret Wednesdays

Ever since our random mid-week visit to Iggy’s more than a couple of weeks back, K and I came up with the idea of our very own “Secret Wednesdays”. Basically, “Secret Wednesdays” refers to our weekly activity of setting aside Wednesday lunch time to visit one of the eateries we have on our Wish List –Read More

Twelve Cupcakes – Celebrities Bake too

I read in 8 days recently that there is a new cupcake shop in United Square. It was opened by the celebrity couple – Daniel Ong & Jamie Teo. Twelve cupcakes is located at the corner of B1 besides Marutama Raman. The shop’s decoration is sweet, pinkish and reminds me of ……cupcakes!  I read thatRead More